Open Booths pushes brands further by producing creative photographic and video content.

A fusion of creative design and understanding of technology allows us to yield unique imaginative concepts.

Our ability to produce memorable, modern, and shareable content attributes to brand amplification and campaign success.



Standard Photo Booth

  • Single session design
  • Ability to share digital photos (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Email)

Operation & Flow

  • User touches the screen to start (or camera can be triggered manually by staff member)
  • Count down & takes photo (e.g. 3, 2, 1, photo)
  • User receives print and shares digitally via iPad
Open Booth Standard Photo Booth

Open Booths Multi-Design Selection

Multi-Design Selection

  • Ability to select session workflow
  • Each session will have a different design
  • Results vary between designs

Case Study: Power Rangers 2017 Movie Launch

  • User selects which colour Power Ranger they would like to appear as.
  • User places face in correct position and takes photo.
  • User receives print of themselves as it appears on the movie poster.

Still GIF

Looping GIF

Boomerang GIF

Silent Films

This method of immersive video content creation places the guest in the video

Still Subject + Animated Background

Moving Subject + Animated Background

Looping & Boomerang

(Greenscreen Video)

Multi-Experience Booth

Multiple offerings of booth styles.

Photo Booth + GIF Booth


Multicamera experience

Colour separation

Background replacement capable



Open Booths Cinemagraph


Moving photos



Stereoscopic Imagery

Multicamera experience


Shareable only

Open Booths Stereoscopic Imagery

Bullet Time

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Fashion Magazine

Open Booths Fashion Magazine



Open Booths Francesca


Open Booths Isobella


Colour Negative

Monochrome Negative