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Photographer Booth

The Ultimate Photo Booth

The Open Booths Ultimate Photo Booth (a.k.a the "Photographer Booth") is undoubtedly the most PREMIUM QUALITY photo booth on the market. You simply can not compare this photo booth with other photo booths, with a REAL photographer, huge backdrop, professional lighting, on-the-spot unlimited postcard size printing and much more, it's like having a studio at YOUR event. If you want absolutely professional photos with human interaction and unlimited possibilities, the Open Booths Photographer Booth is the pinnacle of photo booth entertainment.

  • Fits 10+ people.
  • Size: Approx. 4x4m (max.)(adaptable to any size space)
  • Backdrop Size: Approx. 3x3m (can reduce size)
  • Customisation: Logo, backdrop
  • Professional Canon DSLR & L Lens
  • Bowens Professional Strobe Lighting
  • Professional Photography Software
  • Production Grade Printing
  • Print Size: 4x6" postcard size
  • Print Time: 8 seconds per print
Ultimate Photo Booth Example
Ultimate Photo Booth 3


Open Photo Booth

When you combine stylish design with an amazing backdrop and a bunch of mischievous boothers (like yourselves), we have the perfect recipe! The Hipstabooth is a super sassy photo booth package that looks gorgeous at any event. With two separate units, you can strike a pose in front of little Hipsta, then make your way to the Printapod to pick up your photos in an instant. If you want a simply gorgeous looking booth with style, the Hipstabooth is for you! Watch the Hipstabooth here --->

  • Fits 8+ people.
  • Size: Approx. 4x3m (max.)(can reduce size to fit space)
  • Print Size: 2x6" photo strips or 4x6" postcard size
  • Backdrop Size: Approx. 3x3m
  • Customisation: Logo, print template, backdrop
Melbourne Open Photo Booth
Open Booths - Wedding Photo Booth Sydney
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Corporate photo booth
Open Booths Jennifer Hawkins Photo Booth
Melbourne Photo Booth

Sydney Mirror Booth - Open Booths
Magic Mirror Sydney - Open Booths
Mirror Photo Booth Sydney - Open Booths



Everyone, we'd like you to meet The Mirror Booth.

We know what you're thinking. What is this whimsical beauty? We almost can't believe it ourself!

This absolutely captivating mirror is in fact a photo booth. Yes, it is a mirror that has all the features of a photo booth as you know them today. In case you were wondering just how this is all possible, we've included a short video below so you can see for yourself.

Photo Booth Strip - Open Booths
Photo Booth Mirror - Open Booths

GIF Booth


The GIF Booth is a new trend hitting the photo booth scene. On-the-spot Boomerang GIFs, Photo GIFs, digital sharing, our super fancy GIF Booth is a fantastic way to entertain your guests or create sharable digital content.

Share your GIF with your friends by sending it to your email or text it to your mobile phone.

GIF Booth Sydney Hire
Boomerang GIF Booth
GIF Booth Sydney.jpg
Boomerang GIF Photo Booth
Digital Content GIF Booth

Curtain Booth

Simple, classy, elegant. Our beautiful Curtain Booth is a booth to suit the any event! Weddings, birthdays, promotional events... You can grab a prop, hide in our spacious curtain enclosure for privacy (with the ability to fit 6 or more people), and collect your photo strips on the spot!

  • Fits 6+ people.
  • Size: Approx. 1.77m(L)x1.45m(W)x1.75m(H)
  • Print Size: 2x6" photo strips or 4x6" postcard size
  • Customisation: Logo, print template, mid-section sign
Curtain Booth 1
Curtain Booth 3
Curtain Booth 2

Hashtag Printing


We have the power of social media our on our side!

If you're a marketer, you can push your (or your clients) brand further on social platforms Instagram & Twitter, and if it's your wedding, you and your guests can create a live feed of everyones photos from your special evening. Using a special hashtag that you create for your event, you can:

  • SNAP - use your camera phone to take a photo
  • TAG - Place your special Hashtag in the description of your photo and post your photo to Instagram/Twitter
  • GRAB - pick up your photo from our Hashtag Printer

And just like that, you have a photo in your hand in under 60 seconds.

Instagram Printer
Hashtag Printing
Hashtag Printing Sydney

Cloud Booth

When is your event? Daytime? Nighttime? It doesn't really matter. The Cloud Booth looks spectacular in any light, and it's also a fantastic photo booth! You and your guests have plenty of room to step into another world of fun when you enter the cloud, fitting up to 8-12 people.

If you're after a seriously cool novelty, something to spice up the party with something different, the Open Booths inflatable Cloud Booth is a seriously impressive addition to your party!

  • Fits 8+ people
  • Size: Approx. 2.4m (L) x 2.4m (W) x 2.4m (H)
  • Print Size: 2x6" photo strips or 4x6" postcard size
  • Customisation: Logo, print template, mid-section sign
Cloud Booth 1
Cloud Booth 3
Cloud Booth 2
Cloud Booth 1

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