What was once IMpossible, is now a reality.

Video Light Painting 1.gif


Light painting is not a new concept. In the past, using long exposure camera techniques, photographers have been able to capture light as a still image for a number of years, just like the picture below.

Light Painting.jpg

Now... we're able to capture light in video.

Technology has now reached a point where it is possible to see light not only appear in footage, but light may now also appear as if it is burnt into the footage as it is exposed. 

A comparison of this concept could be described as looking through a window, watching someone write with a marker (or perhaps lipstick) on the other side of the glass.

Below you are able to see the light painting live in action, as well as the subject doing the painting.

Video Light Painting 2.gif

What does this mean?

People are able to express themselves creatively in an entirely new way. Being able to see yourself forming your own light painting is a truly unique experience, one to be shared.

As this is video, this is a new form of content for social media, more specifically Facebook and Instagram. As video continues to be the most popular type of content across the majority of social platforms, this is a new opportunity to utilise this technology and amass attention for brands.

Set for release in September 2018, Open Booths has been granted early access to this technology ahead of release, allowing brands to take full advantage of this reinvigorated photographic concept.