Terms, Information & ACKNOWLEDGEMENT


Hire Time
The start and finish times you require us for, of which you have confirmed with Open Booths before your event.

Arrival Time
Usually, we will arrive approximately 1 hour 30 minutes before your Hire Time. This time is just a guide and may vary depending on circumstance, different times pre-arranged with Open Booths, traffic, and other unforeseeable circumstances.


Our in-house design team will liaise with you regarding your design. We will introduce you to our design via email with your confirmation email.

Elements we design for you vary from event to event, which may include:

  • The print template
  • "Touch to Start" screens
  • Screens throughout the workflow
  • Sharing screens
  • Digital copies of the images shared.

Power Requirements

One GPO (a standard, single phase, 240V, power point) is required.

The GPO must be situated within 5 metres of the booth. If not, a power extension must be provided to the area (within the 5 metre radius).


3-5 hours
A crew meal is required for events over 3 hours.

The crew meal should be the same as your guests. Our crew are often allocated a place to sit at the crew table with other vendors (DJ/band, photographers, videographers, MC's etc). 

1-2 hours
A sit-down meal is not required for events under 3 hours.

You are required to provide simple refreshments to Open Booths staff, such as soft drink or water and the same food provided to your guests.

Dietary Requirements: None of our current staff have specific meal requirements.


Care for our staff is one of our top priorities, alongside customer care.

Your event may be a long day of load-in, setup, operation and load-out for our staff, often totalling 6-7 hours of work. This is why we request simple refreshments and a meal for longer hire times.

We understand that every event is different and our staff may not have the opportunity to take a break due to the intensity of your event, however it's company policy to allow staff a 10 minute bathroom and refreshment break every two hours.

If an opportunity for a break presents itself, please be understanding of our staff taking a moment to rejuvenate. You may find them away from their allocated area in this time.


Run Sheet
A run sheet outlines:

  • Timings of key points during your event
  • Which people are responsible for which action
  • Contact names and numbers of vendors

Your run sheet should be distributed to your venue staff and all vendors so everybody is on the same page.

If you are creating a run sheet and floor plan for your event, we would appreciate you sharing it with us.

A run-sheet helps our event staff understand what is happening during your event and when, which will help us best serve you.


If your speeches start at 9pm, we need to start informing your guests at 8:45pm that our service will cease at 9pm. This will aid in the flow of your event, benefiting your catering staff and your MC. 

An indication of your vendors allocated time to eat is also useful, allowing them to prepare for busy periods and key events they need to be present for.

Floor Plan

A floor plan indicates the space where vendors, stations and furniture are allocated within your venue.

Determining a floor plan in advance will ease the load-in and setup process of your vendors, which will alleviate potential unnecessary stress on the day.


Digital Images

Normally, you will receive your digital images in the week after your event. In some cases (Example: If your event is on a Monday), you may receive your photos during the same week. This may vary depending on the season.

Once your album is prepared (after your event), you will receive an email with collection details, including instructions on how to access your album and download your photos.

Your online album will be password protected and you will be allocated a Bulk Download PIN to download your entire collection with one click.


Priority Digital Delivery

If you require your digital images faster than usual, you may request priority delivery. If you choose this option, you will most likely receive your digital images within 24 hours.

Priority Delivery: $150



If you need any of our additional options, you must request them at least 7 working days before your event date.

Additional Options include:

  • Guest Book Pack - Kikki.K Guest Book (White or Black, 20 pages) + Metallic Pens + Double-Sided Tape
  • Standard Guest Book (Black, 60 pages) + Metallic Pens + Double-Sided Tape
  • 4x6" Acrylic Frame
  • 2x6" Acrylic Frame
  • Coffee Table Book
  • Additional Physical Copies of your Prints
  • Additional Backdrop

You can order Additional Options here: 


Open Booths has a strong focus on documenting our activities, updating our audience, and including our community (you) on social media.

We will request your social media handles so we can update you when you're featured on one of our social media channels.

We may capture your event through photo, video, 360 degree photo, 360 degree video, 3D virtual reality scan, live video, and audio recording. We may offer the additional photos and videos to you as an additional gift.

Photography is sometimes carried out by your attendant, however our media staff may be on-site document your event.

We post regular updates on our activity in the following channels:

NOTE: Our media staff are professionals in the events industry and have experience in documenting events. We understand the value of official photographers/videographers, and will not risk interrupting your official photographers/videographers from capturing your event. Our media photography and videography must not be considered as official documentation for your event, professionals should be hired if you require this (if you require these services from Open Booths, please enquire).

We will never distribute media of your event in exchange of money, goods or services without permission.

Exclusion of our media staff from your event is possible on request.


We require loading instructions before your event date. This will assist our staff in loading in and setting up in time for your event. It will also help our staff respect your venues rules and safety protocol.


You are required to provide parking for your Open Booths staff member. There are usually three options:

  1. Free Parking.
  2. Metered Parking.
  3. Parking Station Parking.
  4. Arranged Parking.

Free Parking

If there is free parking available to our staff, no additional payment is required.

Metered Parking

If our staff is required to park in a metered parking zone, you are required to pay for parking for the duration of your Hire Time, plus an additional two hours for load-in and load-out time.



Your Hire Time is 6pm-11pm, coming to a total of 5 hours.

An additional 2 hours of parking is needed for load-in and load-out.

The time required for parking is your Hire Time plus the additional two hours, coming to a total of 7 hours (subject to circumstance).

Parking Station

If our staff is required to park in a parking station, you are required to pay for parking until our staff need to collect the car for load-out.

It is useful to tell us If using a parking station is the best option for parking near your venue, as booking and pre-paying may be needed in advance.

Arranged Parking

In some cases, you may need to arrange parking for our staff with your venue.

You may request the registration number of our staff before your event.


Additional Time
An extension of your Hire Time. Any time beyond your end time.

Idle Time
The time we are required before an event, but not used.

Additional Time: $110 per hour or $55 per half-hour

If you discover (during your event) that you require our services for longer than your Hire Time, you are required to pay the cost of Additional Time.

We will pack up if your event runs past your Hire Time and you do not want us to continue. This may occur while your event is still running.



Your Hire Time is 6pm-11pm, however your event goes until 12am and you would like us to stay until the end. You require us for one hour of Additional Time.

Additional Time Cost: $110

Idle Time: $55 per hour

Included in your package, you receive 1 hour 30 minutes load-in time before your hire time.

If you require us to load in earlier than 1 hour 30 minutes before your Hire Time, additional Idle Time needs to be purchased in advance.



Your Hire Time is 6pm-11pm, however you require us to load-in and set up three hours before your Hire Time, making our arrival time 3pm.

Included in your package is 1 hour and 30 minutes Idle Time for set up. Normally with a 6pm start time, we would arrive at 4:30pm to load-in and set up.

For a 3pm load-in, you will need to purchase an additional 1 hour 30 minutes Idle Time.

Idle Time Cost: $55 x 1.5 = $82.50


(Certificate of Currency)

Some venues require vendors to submit their public liability insurance. 

You may request our certificate of currency at any time.


Often planners and venues require vendor contacts to put on the event run-sheet.

Regardless of who your attendant will be, you may note the following name and number:

Name: Chris Wong
Number: 0423 710 366

In case of emergency, please call Chris (above), our 1300 number (1300 766 553), or our Operations Manager, Ray:

Name: Ray Serrano
Number: 0422 338 141




50% deposit is due immediately to secure your booking.

Final payment of the total balance is due 10 business days before your event. Failure to do so may result in a loss of booking.

NOTE: The Payment terms may vary depending on the circumstances of your booking.

Payment Method

Payment methods we accept are:

  • Direct Deposit via Bank EFT
  • Credit Card Payment
    • VISA
    • Mastercard
    • American Express (AMEX)

NOTE: A 2% processing fee applies for all card payments. We do not accept cash payment.


I acknowledge that power is required within a 5 metre radius of the area *
I acknowledge that I am required to provide food and drink to Open Booths staff *
I acknowledge that Open Booths staff require a 10 minute break every two hours *
I understand that I will receive my digital images in the week after our event *
I would like to purchase additional options *
I understand that Open Booths may document my event *
Our staff place your official photographers/videographers at the highest priority and will not interfere with their operation. In most cases, we assist them to help achieve better results for you.
I understand that media captured at my event may be displayed on Open Booths' digital channels *
I acknowledge that Open Booths will never distribute media of your event in exchange of money, goods or services without permission *
I understand that I need to provide loading instructions before my event *
I understand that I will need to provide parking for my staff member *
Options: Free Parking, Metered Parking, Parking Station Parking, Arranged Parking.
I understand that I need to purchase Idle Time in advance *
See above for details
I understand that additional time is $110 per hour, which can be requested during my event *
I understand that I may request Open Booths' Public Liability Insurance (Certificate of Currency) at any time *
I have taken note of your emergency contacts *
I understand I need to complete my payment at least 10 business days before my event *
I understand the benefits of a Run Sheet and Floor Plan *
If you have any notes about your event or questions about our service, please include them below.