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Do I receive the digital copies? if so, how and WHen?

Yes, you receive a digital copy of your photos after your event. The digital copies will be the larger size individual photos.

After your event you will receive a "Photo Collection" email, which contains the download information and instructions for your photos. This way you receive your photos faster than standard post. Your guests will also have the ability to download their photos too.

Will you upload the photos to SOCIAL MEDIA?

As a general rule, we do not upload event albums to social media. We may upload one or two photos from your event to display our services.

If you would like us to upload your album to Facebook, please let us know.

Can I password protect my online album?

Yes. On request, we can password protect your album so no public access is allowed.

Where are you located?

Our head office is in Sydney, however, we do often travel to areas outside of Sydney (including interstate - fees may apply).

Do you provide props?

Yes, we do provide props with standard hires. We are also able to provide props to align with your custom theming (fees may apply).

For more formal applications (product activations, Santa Stalls, on-site photography etc), we may not provide props as requested.

Does your photo booth come with an attendant?

Yes, every standard photo booth package comes with a friendly attendant. Even if you are hiring DJ services through Open Booths, you will receive a separate person to attend the booth.

We may provide the photo booth without an attendant in particular circumstances (e.g. for day long convention hires).

How many people can you fit in your photo booths?

Every one of our booths can handle at least 6 people or more. Our larger booths can handle 10 people or more. In our Photo Booths page, each photo booth has a number guide for the amount of people it can take in the description.

How many print outs can I have?

Usually from each touch screen photo booth, you will receive two photo strips per session. You may request to have more print outs per session for an additional fee. If you require this, please enquire for pricing.

With each session in a Photographer based photo booth, you may receive up to 10 print outs per session. (E.g. If you have 6 people in your session, you may receive one photo per person for that session).

How portable is your booth? Can you fit onto a boat or load upstairs?

Yes. All of our booths are portable and are able to fit onto a boat or be carried upstairs.

We also fit into most tight spaces. Our photo booths can be modified to fit in narrow or tight spaces (e.g. in a restaurant with limited room). As expected, this may hinder the full experience of our photo booths.

What do you need us to provide?

We require one standard power point and a standard sized trestle table (approx. 2400mm (L) x 760mm (W) x 740mm (H)). 

We bring one or two extension cables, as well as power boards to power our equipment. If the photo booth is far away from the nearest power point, you will have to provide extension leads to where the photo booth is placed.

What are your payment conditions? Do you need a deposit?

We require a 50% deposit at the time of the booking to lock in our services. We require the remaining 50% at least two weeks before your booking date. (E.g. If your booking is on 20th January, we require your payment by the 6th January. This means you should make your payment on 4th January to allow for your banks processing time).

If you require an invoice, we can provide one on request.

The most popular method of payment is via direct deposit into our bank account (banking details are below). We also accept payment via credit card, including American Express cards. All credit card payments attract a 2% processing fee. We do not accept cash payments.


Bank: St George Bank

Account Name: Open Booths Australia Pty Ltd

BSB: 112 879

Acc No: 448 626 950

REFERENCE: Your reference should be your first name + date of your event in the following format - "SARAH041116". You need to include this so we can track your payment. If you do not include this, we may not know you have paid.


Company Name: Open Booths Australia Pty Ltd

ABN: 28602891887

ACN: 602 891 887



Tier 1 (1 week cooling-off period)
Cancellation within a week of the date you confirm your booking with us (not your event date) will not incur any cancellation fee. 

Tier 2 (>3 Weeks)
Cancellation 3 weeks prior to your event date, a $200 cancellation fee will be deducted from your deposit and you will be refunded the remaining amount.

Tier 3 (1-3 Weeks)
Cancellation between two to three weeks prior to your event will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of your deposit. You will be refunded the remaining amount. If your deposit is less than $200, the cancellation fee is the entire deposit amount.

Tier 4 (1 week)
Cancellation within the week of your booking will incur a cancellation fee of 100% of your deposit amount.

Can you provide public liability insurance?

Yes. Sometimes venues require suppliers to provide a certificate of currency from their insurer. Open Booths is covered for up to $20 million with Booth Cover (

Download our Certificate of Currency: Open Booths Certificate of Currency (2018-2019)


If you can't find the right photo booth for your event here with Open Booths, you can search for one with Photo Booth Finder, a large database of photo booth vendors here in Australia.

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